Life Insurance

Life Insurance

Secure the financial security of your family with AIB’s Life insurance by paying a premium for a certain term and getting the benefit of life cover. With a range of policies available at your service, you can choose the plan that is designed carefully to suit your savings, investment, protection, retirement, and pension needs.

How AIB cares for you and your family

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Term Life Insurance

Term policies are often the cheapest option lasting a certain number of years, with the promise of a death benefit should it fall within the term limits.

Whole Life Insurance

Whole Life Insurance

If you are looking for consistent life-long insurance based on standard premium payments, whole life insurance is the best choice.

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Universal Life Insurance

For flexible premiums and death benefits, universal life insurance will adjust the face value of your coverage without surrendering the policy.

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Final Expense Insurance

To cover end-of-life expenses such as medical care and burial expenses, final expenses insurance is a permanent policy that functions based on premium payments.

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Graded Term Life Insurance

For clients with pre-existing conditions who have difficulty qualifying for life insurance or have been otherwise denied, this insurance will allow for a graded benefit.

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Why You Need Us

  • Whether you are looking for a trustworthy agent who cares or someone to provide you with responsible recommendations, AIB is at your service.
  • Are your loved ones in need of financial protection? We’ve got you covered.
  • You need the right final expense package to ensure you and your family are protected.
  • Have you been turned down elsewhere and are in need of life insurance? We can help you.

Insurance with AIB

Here’s how you can be protected with our Insurance

Automobile Insurance

Automobile Insurance

Be a future-ready business, capable of transforming risks into opportunities for growth...

Business & Commercial Insurance

Business & Commercial Insurance

Be a future-ready business, capable of transforming ...

Homeowner Insurance

Homeowner Insurance

Secure your home and property from damage caused by natural disasters...

Medicare Insurance

Health Insurance

Affordable Care Act, Accident Plans, Short Term Health and other plans to cover deductibles.

Life Insurance

Life Insurance

Secure the financial future of your loved ones by investing in the right life insurance today.

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